My instruments are made in a variety of sizes to accommodate the needs of the individual musician, and I will copy a specific instrument on request. I strive to achieve the sound qualities and appearance of the best examples of the Italian master makers, using first class materials. Both new looking and antique finishes are available.


The violins I make are inspired by the Cremonese masters Guarneri del Gesu and Antonio Stradivari. I also build a small pattern Guarneri del Gesu model that is based on the concert instrument of Roman Totenberg. It has a back length of 34.8cm.,and has a slightly shorter string length.


For violas, I offer a Gasparo da Salo model derived from the large tenor in the collection of The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England. I have made several visits to study the pristine examples there over the years, and have had excellent results with this model. Sizes range from 16-16 5/8". Other viola patterns include Venetian master Matteo Goffriller and the Cremonese Andrea Guarneri viola made famous by William Primrose.

Chris White Violin FrontChris White Violin BackChris White Violin Scroll SideChris White Violin Scroll Front