My instruments can be found in many fine violin shops across the United States and Canada. Here are a few:

Roland Feller Violin Makers San Francisco, CA

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Vann Bowed Instruments, Canada

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Thomas Metzler violins, Los Angeles, CA

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Rodger Perrin violins, Baltimore, MD

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Robertson And Sons, Albuquerque, NM

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Peter Seaman Violins, Skokie, IL.

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Client testimonials:

   'Chris is a friend and colleague of my husband Michael so we have known him for many years. When I discovered Chris was also personal friend to Roman Totenberg, my former teacher, I was even more anxious to try one of his violins.

We purchased our first Chris White violin five years ago….it was lovely….had a rich full tone and was beautifully finished with a reddish brown varnish. It was eventually sold, to my dismay, so we purchased a second instrument in 2007. It also has a reddish brown finish, and the tone, although slightly different from the previous instrument, is excellent….very even in all registers. The violin can take good hard attacks….doesn’t ‘bottom out’ on the G string and also has a very sweet singing quality.. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing it almost daily over the past four years…it feels comfortable and easy to play….a really good 'feel' to the fingerboard'.

Dolores Vann,

Gabriola, British Columbia

Chris White Cello

   'I have been in possession of a Stradivarius model cello made by Christopher White in 2001 for about six years. Trying the instrument was love at first sight, as it was resonant and clear in all registers. Its tone is lovely and rich with overtones at every dynamic level, bearing great carrying power. I have used the instrument with both modern and baroque set up, and it has served me equally well in both situations. Every luthier I have brought the instrument to in New York City had nothing but positive things to say about its maker's craftsmanship. After having tried many old and some very expensive instruments in my lifetime, I am convinced that Chris White will be recognized as one of the great violin makers of our century.'

Joachim Woitun

Cellist, New York City (August 2, 2011)